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Regular practice will keep your math skills always at their best. Continue to keep your math skills strong by practicing this week’s brain buster from Algebra.

A car salesman, eager to make a deal, agrees to sell a car for an additional 15% off of the sale price, which is at 7%. The car is originally priced at $32,000.  At what price did the buyer make a deal? 


A) $25,296

B) $29,760

C) $27,200

D) $24,960

E) None of the above




 Which of the following would be effective for finding a solution to the question above where p is the original price, s is the sale’s price, and d is the final deal’s price?

A)  d = p – p(7%) – s(15%)

B)  d = p – p(22%)

C)  d = s – p(22%)

D)  d = s – s(15%) ; s = p – p(7%)

E)  None of the above

Check back next week for the solution and a new math problem!




Solution for last week’s Math Madness 1/7/19:  C) 38°

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