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SAT Subject and AP Exams



Exam Club sessions are long enough for students to take AP and SAT Subject tests comfortably and possibly have time left over.  In fact, students have enough time to complete an exam and also review the answers afterwards.  If you’re taking one of these exams during Exam Club, it’s a good idea to:


  1. COME TO EXAM CLUB ON TIME. There are a limited number of these exams and the majority of students interested in taking these practice exams all attend Exam Club at the same times of the year.  Therefore, more than likely, when you’re coming in to take one of these exams, someone else is too.  Arriving early will help insure that you can get an exam in the topic you’re there for.  The proctors cannot reserve exams for students and it is a first come, first served kind of deal.  The SAT and ACT options are more flexible because the exam formats are the same and it doesn’t matter as much which exam you get because eventually you will probably take most of them anyway.  The subject-specific exams, however, are more limited because there just aren’t as many exams released that frequently.  Also, by coming in on time, you will have enough time left after the exam to review.
  2. HAVE A PLAN. Before your Exam Club session, review which exams you have already taken using your student portal records so you already have an idea of which exam you want to take on your next session.  Also, have a backup plan in case the exam you want to check out is unavailable.  Being prepared will make checking-in to Exam Club a much smoother process, allowing you to utilize as much of your time there as possible.  Plus, make sure you are always prepared for your session-bringing with you all the supplies you’ll need, your photo ID, and your printed-out ticket.  If you’re planning to take more than one exam, calculate the time schedule beforehand to make sure you stay on track while testing.
  3. REVIEW. After taking the exam, take a break and go to the student lounge.  For students taking an SAT Subject exam:  bring your scantron with you to the student lounge where you can submit your answers using your phone through your student portal and generate a score report instantly.  Then you can mark on your scantron the questions that you missed and return to your seat to review your mistakes until the end of Exam Club.  For students taking an AP exam:  after your break, go back to your seat and use the answer key in the back of the exam to grade your scantron.  Also included in the back are instructions on how to scale your score.  Using these tools, you can review your exam results until Exam Club ends and work on fixing your mistakes for the next exam.
  4. TAKE EXAMS MORE THAN ONCE. SAT Subject and AP exams have less variations because they just aren’t created as frequently as the SAT and ACT exams, which regularly release a couple of new exams at a time.  Since our exams are all copies of official exams, we can only grow our collection as they are released.  But there is a positive side to that – if you practice using the exams we have in our library over-and-over, you should have a clear understanding of what to expect on your official exam.  As much as the topic-specific exams vary in our library from one version to the next, you can expect a similar amount of variation on the one you’re preparing to take, which isn’t much variation at all!  So long as you review the questions that you’re missing and understand how to make the correction, your skills should grow even if you’re repeating exams.  If you find that the exams are getting too easy, that’s great!  That means you are remembering more and there will be less surprises come the big test day.  Don’t underestimate the power drilling something again and again!
  5. DON’T WAIT UNTIL LAST MINUTE. As stated earlier, students taking these exams all tend to come in around the same times of year and Exam Club can get very busy during those times-especially for those exams.  Sometimes students have a hard time getting the specific exam they want because there are so many other students there looking for the same one.  Instead of dealing with that and taking the risk of not getting the exam you want, try to plan ahead.  Come in to take practice exams during the off seasons.  During those times, Exam Club can get very quiet and sometimes even deserted save for the few students who are taking advantage of the extra space.  With less students there it is more comfortable and easier to focus, plus you get first pick at the Dum Dums!  Why not take advantage of these less popular sessions and get easy access to everything in Exam Club, which will help you feel more at ease in those weeks right before the official SAT Subject and AP exams.  The early birds definitely get the worms in Exam Club!
  6. TIME YOURSELF ACCURATELY. Exam Club is a very independent environment to allow students to use it as a tool that will best help them in their individual needs.  It’s always a good idea, though, to keep track of what time it is and make sure that you are staying within the boundaries of the exam timelines.  Even if you work on the exam for only 5 extra minutes, that is enough to throw off your score causing you to have an inaccurate comparison to the formal exam you take.  Part of the pressure of these exams is from time and being able to manage your use of it wisely.  By not accurately timing yourself, you will find that the minutes dissolve away during your formal exam and you may not even be able to finish because you weren’t used to the time crunch.  It might sound nice NOW to spend an extra couple of minutes finishing up questions, but you wont have the opportunity to do that during your formal exam, so it’s really only setting you up for failure down the road.  However, timing yourself correctly will prepare you for that challenge and will encourage you to test more efficiently resulting in truly higher scores.


Exam Club is what you make out of it.  It’s most helpful when you use it regularly and appropriately.  It’s designed for students to use as a tool to practice their exams over-and-over in order to become more comfortable with the exams and the process.  Using Exam Club in any other way will result in inefficient results.  Remember, this is simply a TOOL made available to you, it is up to you and how you use this tool that will decide whether or not it helps you achieve success.  May you do the best on your test!









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