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The SAT and the ACT are popular college admission exams, but how many students know how to use the SAT Subject Exams as a tool to impress colleges?


The SAT Subject exams test a student’s high school-level of knowledge in a particular topic.  Topics include, but are not limited to the following:


  • Math: Level 1 and Level 2
  • Sciences: Chemistry, Biology, Physics
  • History: S. History and World History
  • Literature
  • English
  • Foreign Languages including: French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Modern Hebrew, and Latin


To use these exams for college admission, be sure to take any of the subject exams that you are familiar with.  Any topic that you love and enjoy or are just naturally good at, take a subject exam for it.  This is your chance to show colleges how knowledgeable you are on topics that aren’t necessarily tested on in the SAT and ACT exams.


Generally students are weaker in one area of the SAT/ACT over the other(s).  For example, a student that excels in the Math section of the SAT wont necessarily score well on the Reading/Writing sections.  The lower score in the Reading/Writing sections will lower their overall score and the student might end up with a more average score even if they tested perfectly in the one section.  Of course this isn’t very interesting to colleges.  What the student can do to balance this out is take an SAT Subject exam in the topic they love.  The student in the example could then, in theory, go take an SAT Subject Math exam and score very well or even perfectly, which WOULD be impressive to colleges.


Maybe math and reading/writing both aren’t your cup of tea.  In that case, consider taking a history subject test.  History isn’t tested at all in either the SAT or ACT, so if this is one of your favorite subjects then definitely sign up to take one or both of these exams.  Also, students who are bilingual and maybe never even took a course in a foreign language and just grew up learning it, have the opportunity to test in foreign languages and show colleges their depth in life and culture.


These exams are best taken towards the end of high school when the student has learned as much as they can on these topics.  They don’t have to have taken a course for the subject they want to test in, they just have to be well informed on it.


If you have a subject that is special to you, consider taking an SAT Subject test for it and show colleges just how much you love that subject!








Punctually practicing perfect tongue twisters can help develop superior speech habits. Rapid, repeated pronunciation is proven to strengthen and develop distinguished skills in presentation, which may help you get through a sticky speech or an intellectual interview when your tongue gets tied up on its own.  Have fun with this week’s featured tongue twister, it’s a very popular tongue twister that many people who do public speaking use as a warm up!



Lips, Teeth, Tip of the Tongue



This saying was coined as a warm up for public speaking because it actually encourages the use of a variety of muscles used in speaking; exploring the different sounds this phrase uses also exercises the voice.  Typically, you would begin this exercise by saying each word slowly, enunciating EVERY sound and utilizing your entire mouth.  Repeat that a couple of times and then begin to say it faster and faster as your muscles warm up and become more flexible.  Be sure to use your lips, teeth, and the tip of your tongue as you say these words for maximum results!  Feel free to be a little silly with it, too-the more dramatically you move your mouth as you form the words, the more thoroughly the muscles will be stretched.  Enjoy :)


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