Excel Test student Harini Adivikolanu is one of Excel’s latest perfect scorers

Published Saturday, December 11, 2021 by Mariah

A junior at Dougherty Valley High School in San Ramon, Harini scored a perfect 36 on the ACT exam. During her recent perfect score interview with Excel, she detailed all the ways Excel’s classroom experience and post-course support contributed to her success. Harini noted that she chose to take a prep course specifically to benefit from learning tips and tricks from instructors who have taken the ACT – help she knew she couldn’t receive from a prep book alone. “The [Excel Test] teachers’ lessons are of high quality because they have taken the ACT themselves and have achieved high scores as well,” she explained. “The teachers are also very encouraging and funny; they make test prep as fun as possible.”

Exel test prep

She advises students preparing for the ACT to make the best use of Excel’s bountiful resources. “I would tell other students to take advantage of Exam Club,” she stated, referring to the Excel Test library of practice SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Test, and AP exams. “The Excel Test courses are very helpful, and succeeding on the ACT comes from your own initiative and how you make use of the time and resources available to you.” Harini also attributed her success to the relaxed classroom atmosphere at Excel. “Excel was a much more chill, relaxed environment compared to other places… the Excel Test environment encouraged me to study more for the ACT because I wasn’t as stressed or overwhelmed.”

When she’s not bubbling in Scantron sheets, Harini keeps herself busy with a wide range of activities.  She’s deeply involved in community work; for example, she recently organized a fundraiser for Sankara Eye Foundation.  She also volunteers to assist patients at Sutter Health and participates in MedShare, an organization that provides medical supplies for third world countries.  And to top it off, she volunteers at her local library.  On campus, she participates in DECA, a business club, CSF, a volunteering and scholarship association, and HOSA, which prepares students to be future health professionals. Her interests and activities suggest an attraction to the medical field, so it’s not surprising that Harini hopes to become a doctor or scientific researcher. “Physicians are in high demand currently and so many people around the world lack proper health care. I’d like to contribute to the reform of public health and help patients directly,” she said. “As a researcher, I’d like to explore the field of bioengineering or biomedicine to progress genetic modification and therapies as common treatment plans for conditions we deem terminal, like cancers.” Clearly, Harini has compassionate and ambitious goals. With her perfect ACT score, we here at Excel are confident that she’s well on her way to realizing them.

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