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Published Wednesday, April 20, 2011 by Tarang

Earlier, this blog had posted some information about SAT/GPA stats for the UC schools as well as Stanford. Let us continue that tradition with Harvard.

Class of 2014 Statistics

Class Profile



Applicants 30,489
Admitted 2,205
Matriculates 1,664
Yield 75.5%
Admitted from the Waiting List 94

OK. Now let’s look at the SAT distribution:

  • Percent of Applicants Admitted: 7%
  • Test Scores — 25th / 75th Percentile (The first number shows that 25% of enrolled students scored below that number. The second number shows that 75% of enrolled students scored below that number.)
    • SAT Critical Reading: 690 / 780
    • SAT Math: 690 / 790
    • SAT Writing: 690 / 780


    • ACT Composite: 31 / 34
    • ACT English: 32 / 35
    • ACT Math: 31 / 35

There is no real GPA requirement as Harvard is known for turning down people with perfect scores or GPA due to other factors such as leadership activities, volunteer work, research, internships, personal statements, and interviews. However, this does not mean that high scores and a competitive GPA are not important, but they are not the only factors. Make sure to talk with the Harvard Admissions Office to address your specific application questions. Visit http://www.admissions.college.harvard.edu/index.html

Fun Fact: The daily student newspaper of Harvard is called The Harvard Crimson (crimson being the official school color). This newspaper is featured heavily in the movie The Social Network.

The Social Network

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