How to Pass the PE Exam

Published Saturday, December 4, 2021 by Mariah

Examinations tend to cause lots of stress and tension in the students that take them. We may panic and mess up in the moment, just slightly missing our goals. The Professional Engineering examination is a career milestone. Passing this exam can lead to new opportunities and a brighter future. You will be ready for more responsibilities as well as move up in your career. Preparing for this 8-hour examination requires dedication and skill. Here are some helpful tips:

Gather study materials in advance

Make sure you collect all the study materials ahead of time, including reference manuals and practice sets from trustworthy sources (ex. The website of the exam itself).

Develop a study strategy and schedule

Determine the number of months you want to devote to preparation and build study sessions into each day. Create a schedule that depicts how much time should be given to each subject. You can find numerous schedule builders online (ex. Google Calendar). 

Do a lot of practice problems

Do not just go through solutions for the problems. Try working them out on your own; it will help you get familiar with the material and also uncover the areas that need additional reinforcement. In addition to working them out, keep track of the time so you know how you perform when placed under pressure.

Take full-length practice exams.

Select a day one month before the exam to take a practice test. Pick a quiet place where you can concentrate and work uninterrupted. Make sure the place you chose to practice in is similar to the environment of the testing hall. Devote four hours to 40 questions and after lunch breaks the next four hours to solve the depth problems. You might find this day to be a really challenging one, but it will make your PE exam prep even stronger.

If you are looking for PE preparation courses,  Excel Test offers live online and on-demand programs, as well as in-person preparation courses to help you succeed!

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