Published Monday, December 17, 2018 by Tifinie

Regular practice will keep your math skills always at their best. Continue to keep your math skills strong by practicing this week’s brain buster from algebra!



The community wants to hold a fair to raise money towards reconstructing their 150-year-old historical town square. They need to make a total of $3,051 on fair tickets in order to have enough profits to pay for the square’s updates.  The adults’ tickets need to be 50% more expensive than the children’s tickets.  Two hundred and seventeen adults have RSVP as well as 183 children.  How much do the tickets need to cost in order to reach their goal?

  1. A) $10 per child; $15 per adult
  2. B) $9 per child; $12 per adult
  3. C) $11 per child; $16.50 per adult
  4. D) $6 per child; $9 per adult
  5. E) None of the above




Solution for last week : D)  99

THE DIFFERENCES:   85 – 76 = 9 ; 53 – 42 = 11

THE PRODUCT: 9 X 11 = 99

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