SAT Essay Revision: What Should I Do?

Published Friday, June 27, 2014 by Richard Hong

As mentioned in the previous blog, the SAT will have a revision to make the essay portion optional. With that being said, I still urge you to learn how to create a persuasive essay, even if the scoring isn’t mandatory.

For one, the essay is optional but opted for so that you can show perspective colleges your ability to write well and persuasively. The prompts will no longer be generic to which students can use the same formula to respond to. Instead, they will be prompts that require the students to analyze and provide evidence in their responses. The College Board has allowed an allotment of 50 minutes rather than the previous 25 minutes so that students have more time to develop their essays.

Another thing to consider is that just because you don’t need an essay on the SAT doesn’t mean that colleges won’t require you to write essays. At some point, you’ll take an elective class or even required class that has composition as part of its grading. This is a good time to develop good writing habits now and to have them critically graded for feedback. Plus, it’s generally beneficial to have strong writing skills for any career, as writing is still a pervasive means of communication to this day.

Quite frankly, the best way to learn to write better is through constantly trying and writing more. However, to learn how to write well for the SAT, it doesn’t hurt to visit Excel Test Prep. You’ll learn guaranteed methods to improve not only your essay score but other components of the SAT, which have also changed as well.

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