Study vocabulary with Quizlet

Published Tuesday, May 25, 2010 by Dave

If you’re not familiar with Quizlet you should be; it’s an awesome online community for creating and sharing flashcards … and a great way to memorize vocabulary.

“Ugh,” you say? You’d rather study alone than join some community of geeks? The choice is yours. But as an incentive, you’ll find all of Excel’s SAT vocabulary list there, broken into sets of 40 words each. You can study them using games like Scatter and Space Race, or download them to your iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, or Android (nobody carries a Palm anymore).

Now are you interested? It takes two minutes to get started (maybe less).

Those of you with a smartphone or iPod Touch are in luck. There are a number of great apps that are made with Quizlet in mind. To download Excel Test’s SAT vocabulary flashcards to your device, first download a flashcard application (here are several recommendations), then search for “Excel Test Prep” in the application browser. You’ll know you have the right flashcard sets because they’ll be named, for example, “Excel Vocabulary 1-40”.

Happy studying!

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