Summer Internships for College Students: Wait, You Want me to Work?

Published Friday, May 30, 2014 by Richard Hong

That’s right: I’m saying you should consider more work, in the form of a summer internship. Summer internships give you the experience that you need to really know about your job market first hand before even entering, especially for you college students. With an internship, you’ll get an idea of what your future will entail with your current major and let you know if it’s a good fit. Beyond that, it’s good for making connections to know people that have the same interest as you. Here, you will meet fellow interns who are trying to wet their feet just as much as you are. Also, you’ll be able to list the experience you gained on your resume for when you do enter the job market.

You know that old joke, where jobs are always asking you to list experience before hiring you and thus teaching you experience? Here is a perfect way to get that requirement in such a way that you distinguish yourself from other applicants that are just now trying to learn the skill set needed. What’s even better is that some internships pay you if you are accepted. This way, you can get the benefits of getting paid to learn about a job you want to know about while having others help you before a big project. Beyond that, a recent study showed that students were consistently happier upon entering the job market with at least one internship experience compared to those who had no internship experience. If you’re looking to make some money while learning, or if you just want to secure yourself a better position in the job market later on, look into some internships.

  • Relevant job experience and a chance to learn with professionals in the field
  • Connections with fellow interns or even the company, which may be interested in hiring you upon graduation
  • The opportunity to get the hackneyed “experience before experience”
  • A chance to really know what you’re getting into in the job market

Here are some examples of internships in the Silicon Valley:

McAfee – Partner Marketing Analyst Internship

Applied Materials Inc. – Project Manager Internship

Oracle- Internship

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