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“Your menu, my standards!” A phrase shouted out by Chef Gordon Ramsay to everyone in his kitchen. Those that know who Chef Gordon Ramsay is know how high his standards are.  He is constantly pushing chefs to be quicker, smarter, and all-around better than they’ve accepted themselves to be.  Ramsay places the bar high and doesn’t move it for anyone.  As a result, he has developed a reputation as a king in the kitchen.  People travel far and wide to taste his food, dine in his restaurants, and work in his kitchens.  He has built a world-wide legacy for himself based on his high standards.

Quality is something that everyone strives for when they want something. When buying a new computer, picking out a friend, or even deciding something as simple as what to eat; quality is not something that people easily dismiss when they’re on the receiving end.  Who wants a slow computer, a shady friend, or a soggy dinner?  No one.  When people are on the giving end, however, quality can quickly go out the window showing how little people can care about what they do.

People who push themselves to have high standards will have the most rewarding lives. They are the people that others turn to and admire their success.  They are the people that everyone else relies on because average is just not good enough for them and they produce results.  These are the types of people that never quit and get right back up when they fall only to keep pushing.  Not only do they not give up, but they continue to strive for perfection the whole time.  This doesn’t mean that everything they put out is perfect, but the effort is.  The product is not necessarily what they were hoping for, but because they pushed themselves so hard they are still miles ahead of their competition.  Even when they falter, the achievements of those with high standards surpass those who simply complete things.

Push yourself to raise the bar in your life. Don’t just do something, do it well; do it better than you did the last time.  It is too easy to become careless about our own efforts and start to accept less from ourselves over time.  Instead, keep on trying; impress others by your determination and refusal to settle.

I encourage everyone to raise their personal standards, accept nothing but the best from yourselves, and never give up when you feel defeated. Demand higher standards from yourself and inspire others to want to be their best as well.  If we as individuals don’t strive for quality then we will neither grow nor improve who we are as a people.  After all, a team is only as strong as its weakest link and we are all in this world together.







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