UC and you

Published Monday, May 24, 2010 by Dave

University of California schools are among the most popular with Excel students (and a lot of other students, too). Some 134,000 high school seniors and transfer students applied for Fall 2010 admission. Freshman applicants applied to an average of 3.5 campuses.

What does it take to get accepted at one? UC provides a snapshot (pdf) of some of the more important factors, including a breakdown of SAT scores. Since that’s the reason you’re reading this blog, I’ve clipped in that information below. GPA rankings follow it.

While test scores are of course important, they’re not the only criteria taken into consideration. The information below is all statistical, and you should keep in mind what Mark Twain had to say about statistics. There is more than one path to admission to UC, and finding the one most appropriate for you will require some homework.

For those of you who are becoming excellent test-takers but who maybe have a poor GPA, there is a path to admission by examination alone. Click the link to read the particulars, but essentially you need a minimum “UC score” of 410. With regards to the SAT, that breaks down to an average of 710 on all three sections of the SAT, plus 710 on any two SAT Subject Tests. Note that this path will not be available for students applying for Fall 2012 or later as the requirements for admission will be changing.

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