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“Believe in yourself.  You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.”  -Roy T. Bennett

Roy T. Bennett is the author of The Light in the Heart.  He strives to be a motivational influence in society, sharing his positive and creative thinking to all who are interested.  He desires to encourage others to believe in themselves by producing work that inspires people to become the best that they can.


WORD OF THE WEEK:  Diaphanous  (adj.)

DEFINITION:  of a texture that is translucent, light, or delicate

Diaphanous |   adjective

Diaphanously |  adverb

Diaphanousness |  noun

Synonyms:  sheer, transparent, filmy, see-through, cobwebby

Example sentence:  The diaphanous curtains were a perfect touch to the room as they allowed for sunlight to gently shine in and set the room aglow while still maintaining some privacy.


See how creative you can be and make up a sentence of your own and share in the comments below!



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