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 “When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.”  -Henry Ford


            Just like how salmon swim up stream, life is often a struggle as sometimes things appear to always be going against you.  Just like an airplane, however, an individual can soar in their life as soon as all that is pushing against them is beneath them. 







Practicing your vocabulary words can be overwhelming.  However, if you follow Wednesday Wisdom, you can learn a new word every week and practice using the word all week long.  By the time the next word is posted, you’ll have mastered the last word adding it to your personal word bank.  Own as many words as you can!


Buoyant (adj.)

DEFINITION:  able to stay afloat; able to rise to the top of a liquid or gas; cheerful and optimistic


Buoyant  |  adjective

Buoyantly  |  adverb

Buoyancy, Buoy  |  noun

Buoy  |  verb


Synonyms:  Floating (floatable), light, bouncy, bubbly, cheerful, jolly, vivacious, light-hearted

Example sentence:  When I went to my college interview, I was as buoyant as I could be!



See how creative you can be.  Make up a sentence of your own and share it in the comments below!

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