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Regular practice will keep your math skills always at their best!  Continue to keep your math skills super strong by practicing this week’s Math Madness Brain Buster.




Abdul is landscaping his yard.  The back fence is 34 feet wide and the depth of the backyard is 18 feet.  He has a perimeter of plants in his backyard that comes in two feet from the fence.  If Abdul wants to put grass in the remaining portion of his backyard, and the grass is sold at a rate of $12/sqft, how much will it cost Abdul to purchase enough grass to cover the center of his yard?


A) $7,344.00

B) $6,144.00

C) $6,912.00

D) $6,528.00

E) None of the above


Stay tuned next week for the solution!






Solution for the last Math Madness question; 3/25/19:  A)  t = 1/16


Start by doing what is given, substitute in the 4 and see what you have to work with.

t = 4-a


Now, test each answer to see if any can be true.  To do this, you must remember the rules of exponents.  They are:

  1. x√a = a1/x
  2. ax  •  ay = ax+y
  3. ax / ay = ax-y
  4. (ax)y = ax • y
  5. axbx = (ab)x
  6. a0 = 1
  7. a-x = 1/ax


After reviewing these rules, the only one that would fit with the rules would be answer A.


If t = 4-a ; then according to the rules t = 1/4a


Then, using a little imagination, we can theoretically substitute a = 2 resulting in the equation t = 1/42; which equals 1/16.  So, theoretically t could equal 1/16 if a equals 2.

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