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Start by getting familiar with your options.  Explore the websites of as many colleges and universities that you can.  Look at all of the information they display on their various pages and really get a feel for the energy of the school.  Is this a place that excites you?  Do you feel like you will fit in?  Are there special aspects, like a campus club, sports team, or teachers, that interest you?  Can you picture yourself a part of that campus community?


Let the different paths play out in your head and imagine all the possibilities.  Ask yourself the important questions:  Where will you live?  Is the campus located far away from your home where you will have to move out on your own?  Or, will you save money and stay close to home for a couple of years while you complete your general studies?  Do you want a change of environment and to get to know a different city or do you enjoy the comforts of your hometown?  How much time will you have to devote to your studies?  Will you have to work while going to school?  If so, where will you work?  How long do you want to go to school?  Do you want to focus mainly on your studies and graduate as soon as possible or are you in it for the long run interested in achieving a masters down the line?  Which path feels right to you?  Narrow down your options to a handful of favorites.  You’ll more than likely start noticing a pattern of things that are similar in the campuses that interesting you.  Explore this pattern, it is telling you about yourself and your interests.


Which future is calling out to you?  Do any give you butterflies in your stomach and a smile on your face?  If so, it means a part of you is recognizing something special that you want in your life, trust it.  It’s natural to feel nervous about making these decisions, but try to push the fear to the back of your mind and get excited about the plethora of opportunities at your fingertips during this moment in your life.  Imagine all the possibilities!


Create a list of campuses that stand out and MAKE NOTES of the highlights and different options each one can potentially offer you so you can compare them later.  Looking into different colleges will open doors to other opportunities that you may never have even thought of.  It is possible that you will come across a college or program that intrigues you and offers an unconventional path that you never would have considered before.


Next, research your top picks.  Make a list of the admission requirements for each one.  What do they require for admission?  What extracurricular activities do they look for?  How much will the expenses be including tuition, living expenses, materials, etc.  Don’t be afraid to make contact with representatives of the colleges!  Speak with an admissions counselor and just break the ice.  Ask them to send you more information on their school and/or programs and ask them questions to develop a relationship with someone at the school.  In the future, this will be handy because you will have someone that you already know and are comfortable with who can help you out if you have any questions during the admission process.


Finally, make your decision.  Consider what you feel in your heart as well as what you’re thinking in your head and come to a reasonable compromise.  Discuss your conclusions with your family, especially if you’re expecting financial assistance from them, and get everyone on the same page.  Unless you are planning to pay for all aspects of your college experience on your own, you will need the support of your family both financially and emotionally and should therefore respect their opinions in the matter.  In the end, make the decision that works out best for your situation and the one that is calling out to you the most. Nothing in life is guaranteed and the future is unpredictable, but having a well-researched plan is a great way to begin accomplishing your goals and dreams!








Punctually practicing perfect tongue twisters can help develop superior speech habits. Rapid, repeated pronunciation is proven to strengthen and develop distinguished skills in presentation, which may help you get through a sticky speech or an intellectual interview when your tongue gets tied up on its own.  Have fun with this week’s tongue twister!


The SAT essay is optional.

If you take the SAT try the essay, please

Scoring a 24 is optimal

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