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Caitlin is Abdul’s neighbor.  She saw what Abdul did to his yard last week and wanted to make her yard more colorful too.  She decided to plant cherry blossoms in the perimeter of her yard.  Each cherry blossom needs to have a 2.5’ radius of space to grow and Caitlin doesn’t want any extra space between them once they’ve fully grown.  The back wall of her rectangular yard is x+10 feet long and the depth is x-5 feet.  If the perimeter of her yard is 90 feet and she plants a tree in every corner so that the center of the tree is 2.5 feet away from the fences, how many trees will she need to surround her yard in cherry blossoms?

A) 22

B) 18

C) 14

D) 9

E) None of the above


Stay tuned next week for the solution!







Solution for the last Math Madness question; 4/15/19:  B) $6,144.00


The backyard is a rectangle with sides of 34’ and 18’.  By having the 2’ perimeter full of plants, the section of yard that Abdul wants to put grass in is (34’ – 2’) by (18’ – 2’).  To find the area:


(34 – 2) • (18 – 2)

32 • 16

512 square feet


Now, find the total cost to put grass in that area:


512 square feet • $12/square feet

512 • 12



It will cost $6144.00 to put grass in Abdul’s backyard

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