Published Saturday, December 11, 2021 by Temi

Sahityasree Subramanian 

Mountain House High School sophomore Sahityasree Subramanian is one of Excel Test Prep’s perfect scorers, earning a 36 on the ACT exam.

Sahityasree chose to enroll in an ACT prep course with the hope that it would prepare her for the ACT in ways she might not be able to achieve outside of the classroom. “This was the only course I took,” she mentions.  When asked to describe her experiences in class, she stated, “I started off with good scores on practice ACT tests, but Excel helped give me the extra little push I needed to get a perfect score,” she explains. “The study materials” – which, for ACT students, includes an ACT Course Manual unique to the in-class work, as well as a copy of the Official ACT Study Guide – “provided good guidance on what topics I needed to study and had lots of helpful practice questions.” When asked what advice she might have for other students interested in giving the ACT a try, Sahityasree emphasizes diligence. “Study consistently, and do lots of practice problems, rather than just memorizing formulas or reading strategies.” Like most of Excel’s students, Sahityasree would have gotten most of that practice by taking advantage of the Excel Test Exam Club. The Exam Club is Excel’s test-taking study service, which offers 3-to-4-hour sessions at all three Excel locations and provides students with access to a library of SAT, PSAT, ACT, Subject Test, and AP exams.

Sahityasree is a girl of numerous talents and hobbies. She plays clarinet in her high school band, participates in Science Olympiad – an in-school team that competes in STEM-centric competitions – and is a member of her school’s debate team. Sahityasree also volunteers with local environmental organizations and mentions music and writing as additional interests. In the long run, Sahityasree would like to attend UCLA to study biotechnology. We here at Excel hope that her perfect ACT score proves to be a valuable part of her journey toward that goal.

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