Brainercises Part 2

Published Wednesday, March 9, 2011 by Tarang

It seems that I can never word this one brain teaser correctly but here it is in all its glory finally. It is number 4 from last time: 4. Correct version:You have 100 balls divided evenly into ten boxes (ten balls in each box). One of the boxes contains balls that are 1.5 grams lighter than the balls in the other boxes. You are given a digital weigh balance. How do you figure out which of the ten boxes contains the balls that are 1.5 grams less by using the balance only once– you can… Continue Reading

Brainercise Answers

Published Monday, March 7, 2011 by Tarang

Well, it seems that the brain teasers have stumped many of the best out there. Let us not keep the suspense up any longer and reveal the answers. I will restate the questions as well so that they are fresh in your minds: 1. You have a 3 gallon jug and a 5 gallon jug. You need to measure out exactly 4 gallons of water. How do you do it? Answer: There are multiple ways of doing it, but here is the most obvious. Fill the 5 gallon jug completely with water. Then pour 3… Continue Reading


Published Wednesday, March 2, 2011 by Tarang

Get your math brains going on these logic problems. Have fun! Leave your answers to the questions as comments: 1. You have a 3 gallon jug and a 5 gallon jug. You need to measure out exactly 4 gallons of water. How do you do it? 2. You have 4 stones of exact color, size, etc. except one of the stones is either heavier or lighter than the other 3. You are given a balance. How do you figure out which stone doesn’t belong in just two measurements of the balance? 3. A rich merchant… Continue Reading

Study help ‘at hand’

Published Saturday, May 22, 2010 by Dave

Here’s something to do with your smartphone that will make you smarter. There are a number of apps that make excellent study aids. I’ve road tested several and found a few that are great for memorizing vocabulary and more. For iPhone or iPod Touch users, Flashcard Touch is a study game-changer. This simple application allows you to create your own flashcards or, even better, download sets of flashcards from Quizlet, the online flashcard-sharing community. Imagine being able to carry Excel’s list of SAT vocabulary words everywhere you go! Now you can.* It costs $4.99 and… Continue Reading

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