Congratulations AMY YU on perfect ACT score

Published Saturday, December 11, 2021 by Chuck

Congratulations Amy Yu!

Excel Test’s Perfect ACT Score Scholarship winner!

Amy Yu is shown holding a large check for $1000. She is the most recent recipient of Excel Test's Perfect Score Scholarship by earning a perfect score of 36 on her December 2016 ACT exam.

“I don’t think I could have achieved a perfect score without Excel Test Prep! They helped me understand the test, its format, and how to start studying.” – Amy Yu, recent ACT perfect scorer.


     Excel Test proudly announces Amy Yu as the most recent recipient of their Perfect Score Scholarship!  This junior at Irvington H.S. earned $1000 for scoring a perfect 36 on her ACT exam!

Amy attributes her success to her own hard work and dedication combined with the tricks and strategies she was taught in the Excel Test ACT course. She then applied her newfound skills by using the many free resources given to each student after their course ends. It was her very diligent use of Excel Test’s Exam Club that helped her achieve her perfect 36 score.

     In a recent interview, she noted that “I dont think I could have achieved a perfect score without taking the Excel Test course. They helped me understand the test, its format, and how to start studying. Excel Test was extremely helpful, especially their tips and tricks that helped me manage my time better for the test.” 

     After completing an ACT course and a 1 on 1 session, Amy claims she did approximately 25 ACT practice tests.  When asked about Exam Club, Amy said, “I liked Excel’s Exam Club program the most.  It was extremely beneficial in my practice and helping me achieve a perfect score.”  Amy also praised Excel’s instructors, describing them as extremely “knowledgeable and “encouraging.”

     When Amy isn’t busy acing the ACT, you can find her immersed in extracurricular activities such as dance, piano, choir, and cooking.  In terms of her future plans, Amy said that she intends to stay in California for college.  Specifically, her dream is to eventually study medicine at Stanford University and become a great doctor.  Of course, earning a perfect score on the ACT brings her a step closer to achieving her dream!

     So what advice does Amy have for future ACT test-takers?  “My advice would be to do as many practice tests as possible and to check your answers afterward.”  And the Excel Test Exam Club gives you lots of opportunities to do so.  Sounds like sage advice to me.

We’re proud of you, Amy!

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