Congratulations To Our Winners!

Published Saturday, December 4, 2021 by Adam

We here at Excel would like to congratulate the most recent Excel students to have claimed our $1,000 scholarship for receiving perfect scores on the ACT!

Nidhi Bangari – ACT

Nidhi Bangari is a student at Cupertino High School who scored a 36 on the February ACT. She doesn’t know what she wants to major in yet, but she figures it will be something in the sciences—she enjoys her high school’s labs.

Other than her core classes, she is an active member of her school’s debate team and FBLA. Bangari excels in Parliamentary, which requires debaters to quickly analyze and summarize sources based on topics that they only learn about right before the round starts. Seems like good practice for the ACT!

Like our other perfect scorers, Bangari mentioned Excel’s teachers and ExamClub as the two resources that catapulted her toward success. “I really liked the teachers at Excel, they tried to make the class fun and appealing,” she said. Regarding ExamClub, she added, “I tried to come as often as possible. I wasn’t able to come every week, but when I did, I took it as if it were a proper exam. Then I’d come back and look at what I got wrong.”

We wish her all the best in college and beyond!

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