Congratulations To Our Winners!

Published Tuesday, January 13, 2015 by Adam

We here at Excel would like to congratulate three students of ours who have claimed $1000 scholarships in the past month after receiving perfect 2400 scores on the SAT!

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Like many Excel students who receive perfect scores after taking our class, Prashant Desai initially did not believe his eyes when he saw his score.

“I was sitting with a couple of my friends, and I noticed that scores were out, so I opened my laptop and I checked,” said Prashant. “I thought it was a mistake at first, because I thought everything was out of 800, instead of an actual 800. Then my friend who had taken the SAT a month before said that that was how scores were presented. I was pretty excited.”

Prashant has an avid interest in politics—he campaigned for Mike Honda in the last election, participates actively in his school’s Junior Statesmen of America club as Vice President, and hopes to study international relations in college.

Describing what he got out of Excel’s curriculum, Prashant mentioned that our teachers were a great resource. “All of them were very informative and knowledgeable, and they were all well-versed in the subject matter,” he said. “A lot of them were very funny as well.”


In Abhijit Ramaprasad’s case, he found out about his score when his parents woke him up to tell him the news, starting his day off with a bang. “I was actually shocked to the point where I wondered whether it was a problem with the system,” he said.

Abhijit is planning on studying medicine in college, and he hopes that his 2400 score will help him get into a local top pre-medical school. In addition to volunteering at a local VA hospital, he is also a versatile drummer.

Speaking on how Excel helped him succeed, Abhijit mentioned that our unique test-taking strategies made all the difference. “You didn’t find them anywhere else, and they were useful in that way,” he said.

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Sabrina Lui received a 2400 all the way back in 2012 after taking Excel’s class. Now a sophomore at MIT, she has finally redeemed her scholarship. She says that in addition to helping her on the SAT, Excel’s lessons have proved invaluable in college as well.

“I think Excel definitely helped me reach that threshold over which [MIT cuts] people off for scores,” Sabrina said. “I think beyond that, actually, Excel taught me a lot about test taking. Because all my classes this past semester were based completely on tests, I did have to think critically on the spot, and Excel taught me a lot about how to do that.”

These strategies have certainly led Sabrina to an active academic life at MIT. “Right now, I’m looking at a computer science degree with management as a minor,” she said. “I’m part of the organizing committee for HackMIT, so we run the 1,000-person hackathon every fall. I’m also starting an undergraduate research thing next semester with an econometrics club.”

Sabrina credits Excel’s low-stress and energetic classes with helping her to better understand the test. In addition, she says Excel’s Exam Club, with its 52 real College Board SAT tests, gave her the practice she needed to succeed. “It’s pretty much the only reason I [received the score], is because I took something like 10 practice tests. The most important thing about taking the SAT is practicing beforehand and knowing exactly how to approach each problem.”

Congrats to all of our winners! We hope that Excel’s resources will lead you to thrive in college and beyond!

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