Congratulations Yash Rane!

Published Saturday, December 11, 2021 by Adam

Yash Rane and family members outside of Excel's Fremont office.

When Yash Rane learned that he had received a perfect score on the ACT Exam, he was ecstatic.

“When I first out about it, I was just sitting at my desk in my house. I was incredibly excited to be getting my score,” he said. “The first person I told was my brother, who was closest. He was pretty excited too. The first thing [my mom] did was, she couldn’t believe that I got that score, she just had to tell everyone.”

Rane got a 36 after taking Excel’s ACT Core Classroom Course, and he credits our program with giving him the tools and practice he needed to succeed. Although he says he was nervous on the day of the test, he was also confident thanks to the experience he had with Excel’s 40-plus official ACT practice tests.

Asked how he used our materials to prepare, Rane replied that the key to conquering the ACT is diligent practice and learning from mistakes. “With Exam Club, I’d usually take three tests a week, usually one on Friday and then on the weekends as well,” he said. “I’d try to take specific sections on weekdays. After each test, I’d go back with an answer key and see what I got wrong and why.”

With enough practice, Rane says that these kinds of observations can help you pick up on how to refine your test-taking strategy: “If you’re looking over five tests, eventually you can see a pattern of why you got them wrong and work on that skill the next time you take the test.”

When he’s not hitting the books, Rane participates in his high school’s growing C++ club and volunteers at The Tech Museum in Silicon Valley. He says that, although he is still unsure of where he wants to attend university, he plans on majoring in computer science.

We here at Excel wish him the best of luck!


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