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Regular practice will keep your math skills always at their best. Continue to keep your math skills strong by practicing this week’s brain buster.


The student council held a pizza party to bring together representatives from different groups in the school and see if they could agree on a theme for the prom. There were a total of 25 students attending.  There were 5 athletes, 5 cheerleaders, 5 members of the school’s band, 5 representatives from various clubs, and five members from the student council.  At the pizzeria they order from, large pizzas have 10 slices, medium pizzas have 8 slices, and small pizzas have 6 slices.  In preparation, the council ordered 3 large cheese pizzas, 1 medium cheese pizza, 1 large combination pizza, 1 medium combination pizza, 1 large pizza with pineapple and olives, 2 medium pepperonis, 1 medium pizza with tomato and basil, and 1 small pizza topped with anchovies and onions.

Each student takes 3 pieces of pizza. Three of the cheerleaders had only cheese pizza while the other 2 ate only tomato and basil. All of the athletes had a piece of cheese pizza and together they ate 5/8th of the pepperoni pizzas.  Weird Al from one of the clubs ate only slices with anchovies and onions on them, that’s the only kind of pizza he eats.  He also managed to convince two of his friends to each try a slice, who were both grossed out after trying the pizza and both took their next 2 pieces from more familiar territory-one eating only cheese, the other taking one cheese and one pepperoni.  Curt from the chess club had 2 slices of combination pizza and tried 1 slice of pizza topped with pineapple and olives for his vegetarian girlfriend, Alice, who was sitting beside him.  Alice, president of their school’s poetry club won’t eat pizza without pineapple.  Most of the band members ate only cheese pizza except two – one who ate a slice of combination and 2 slices of pepperoni and one who ate only pineapple and olives after hearing Alice rave about it.  After letting everyone else serve up, the student council picked from what was left.  Every one of them had 2 slices of combination pizza.  Four of the student council members had a slice of cheese pizza, while the fifth had only combination.


1) Which pizza had the fewest pieces left over?         

  • A) Cheese
  • B) Tomato & Basil
  • C) Combination
  • D) Anchovies & onions
  • E) Pepperoni



2) Before the student council ate, which pizza had the most slices left?

  • A) Cheese
  • B) Tomato & Basil
  • C) Combination
  • D) Anchovies & onions
  • E) Pepperoni



3) Looking at the leftovers, which pizza was not needed? 

  • A) One of the cheeses
  • B) The tomato & basil
  • C) One of the combinations
  • D) The anchovies & onion
  • E) One of the pepperonis


Stay tuned next week for the solution!




Solution for last week’s Math Madness question: A) $25,296

Solution for the bonus question: D) d = s – s(15%) ; s = p – p(7%)

⇒Begin with:       s = p – p(.07)

⇒Substitute         s = 32,000 – 32,000(.07)

⇒Simplify             s = 32,000 – 2240

⇒                          s = 29,760


⇒Then:                d = s – s(.15)

⇒Substitute        d = 29,760 – 29,760(.15)

⇒                         d = 29,760 – 4,464

⇒                         d = 25,296

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