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Regular practice will keep your math skills always at their best.  Continue to keep your math word problem skills strong by practicing this week’s Math Madness brain buster.



Jasmine’s Saturday plans are to go to her favorite boutique that was having a sale on perfumes.  Her favorite perfume is 45% off, selling for a price of 38.83 each.  She figures she will buy 4 bottles at that rate.  Which of the expressions below would result in the total price in dollars?


A) (4 + 38)(4 + 0.83)

B) [4(38 + 0.83)]0.45

C) 4 + (38 + 0.83)

D) 4(38) + 4(0.83)

E) None of the above




Solution for last week’s Math Madness question:  C)  p=b5x6g3

EQUATIONS        p=b5c3 and c=x2g

SUBSTITUTE       p=b5(x2g)3

SIMPLIFY             p=b5x(2)(3)g(1)(3)

SIMPLIFY             p=b5x6g3

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