How Much Longer? Summer Vacation for Juniors and Seniors

Published Saturday, December 4, 2021 by Richard Hong

This post is for the rising juniors and seniors. You’ve gone through your share of high school already and you just want to enjoy your summer break. I get it, and you’ve earned your slice of fun. However, this summer is an opportunity for you to get ready for applying to college later down the road or even upcoming semester.  Here I’ll list some suggestions:

  • More Studying: I understand, this is not an ideal way to spend your carefree summer. But guess what, life doesn’t stop and neither should you in your pursuit of getting into a selective school. Take this time to study for standardized tests/. If you’re feeling very productive, you could get a head start on learning for AP tests that you will take in the following May.
  • Volunteer work: Colleges like to see extracurricular activities balanced with good grades. So why not find an activity that you can enjoy while giving back to the community? Also, try finding something that matches your interests. For example, if you’re interested in the health sciences, call your local hospital and inquire about any volunteer opportunities.
  • College Lists: Compile a list of where you would like to apply. Research what each college offers and its costs. It’s never too early to prepare. You could also venture deeper and meet with college admission representatives.
  • Recommendations: Now is the time to develop an outstanding rapport with a teacher you get along with. Spend some time getting to know them and letting them know you. Think about who you would ideally like to give you the good word and want you to succeed later on life.
  • Research/Internships: These summers are the perfect time to apply for summer academic programs that will help boost your knowledge and your resume as well.


You’re quickly becoming an adult, so enjoy that summer and spend your time well!

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