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    ATTENTION PE STUDENTS:  Interested in a prep course for your PE exam?  Register by December 25th and SAVE $400.00 on your PE classroom course or PE live-online course.   Don’t miss out on the savings!  For a limited time, Excel is offering the following PE courses at a generous holiday discount! PE Civil classroom course in Fremont, CA – register in the next two weeks to save $400 on this opportunity to take our classroom PE Civil course!   This class begins on February 2, 2019 and will come to a close on March 24th.  Don’t wait until the last… Continue Reading


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  Regular practice will keep your math skills always at their best. Continue to keep your math skills strong by practicing this week’s brain buster from algebra!     What is the product of the differences between the following sets of numbers: 76 from 85; and 42 from 53?   A) 20 B) 4,234 C) 2 D) 99 E) None of the above   Stay tuned next week for the solution and a new question!     Solution for last week:  A)  2404 ¼ 37 + 6(4-1) + 110 + ½2 37 + 63 +… Continue Reading


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  The year 2019 is almost upon us. Get started early on any plans that you have for 2019 so that by the time next year is here you will already be ready for it.  Think of this time of year as the prelude to the next year.  The best way to conquer next year is to get ahead of it!  Make sure you stay up-to-date on all of the important dates coming up:   REGISTRATION DEADLINES FOR FORMAL EXAMS This is a busy time of year as many students are preparing to take formal… Continue Reading


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  It is important to take a step back and reflect once in a while. Enjoy this quote and see if you can find a way to relate it to your life.   “I might only have one match, but I can make an explosion.” -Rachel Platten, Fight Song   You never know the impact you can have on others and on the world. This quote is from Fight Song, a song that came out recently with a layered message of inspiration. Simply put, if you have limited resources, try to strategically plan what you… Continue Reading


Published Tuesday, December 4, 2018 by Tifinie

  SOCIAL MEDIA AWARENESS Social media has become a part of our everyday routine.  It has gotten to the point that some of us have a hard time just taking a break from our feeds, even though we have other things to do.  With this new-age-way of socializing comes new-age-responsibilities.  Many people aren’t aware of the accountability that comes with this easy way of staying in touch with our besties and families. It is important to realize that anything that goes on the internet is there forever.  You might delete the link or page, or… Continue Reading

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