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Regular practice will keep your math skills always at their best.  Continue to keep your math skills strong by practicing this week’s Math Madness Brain Buster from Geometry!

In a competition, contestants must fill up a rectangular container with a green liquid using a cone-shaped cup.  The diameter of the opening of the cup is 4 inches and it is 5 inches tall.  If the container is 3.5 feet wide, has a depth of 3 feet, and is 2 feet tall, what is the minimum number of times that they will need to fill up the cup in order to fill up the container?


A) 11

B) 12

C) 13

D) 14

E) None of the above

Stay tuned next week for the solution!





Solution for last week’s Math Madness question:  A)  13

The prime numbers are:                             83, 89, and 97

The sum of the prime numbers:               269

Subtract 100 from sum:                             169

Find the square root of 169                       13

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