Prayag Patel Excel’s Latest Perfect Scorer

Published Saturday, December 11, 2021 by Mariah

An incoming senior at Cupertino High School, Prayag scored a perfect 36 on the ACT exam. In his preliminary perfect score questionnaire, Prayag explained all the ways that Excel’s classes and supplemental services helped make his perfect score possible. He admits early on to being unfamiliar with the college admissions exams, and he initially chose to take a course simply to get a feel for how they actually work. “I liked the balance between practice and teaching,” he notes when describing what he likes best about Excel’s approach. “I do not believe that I would have gotten a perfect score without the help of Excel Test Prep.” Some of the ease he describes also appears to be attributed to the charm of his instructors.

Prayag perfect score student

He states: “When they teach it is not like a school, but rather like a tutor even though there are so many people.” He also recommends that students preparing for the ACT commit to completing the coursework, to wring out all they can from the prep experience. “…Do the homework… It is one of the most helpful parts of the classes.” Prayag also reports that “the study books given by Excel are extremely helpful” in guiding students through their sessions. Finally, after the end of the course, Prayag also took advantage of Exam Club, Excel’s vast library of practice tests – he describes taking no fewer than 10 practice ACT exams during the study sessions, a fraction of the 60 ACT exams available in Excel’s collection.

Outside of his time spent acing exams, Prayag pursues a variety of personal hobbies and extracurricular activities. Prayag enjoys literature and mathematics, and is an avid athlete – he especially likes non-competitive games that give him the opportunity to bond with friends. He’s a member of the BAPS organization, as well as his high school’s Mock Trial Club. Mock trial is a fitting outlet for Prayag – he’s interested in studying law, with hopes to eventually become a patent lawyer. Prayag hopes to study law at Stanford. We have confidence that Prayag’s perfect 36 will earn his choice school’s nod of approval.


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