Summer Reading: Keep Your Brain Active

Published Wednesday, July 2, 2014 by Richard Hong

It’s already past a month into your summer break! I know you’re enjoying the freedom but have you been actively keeping your brain busy? Remember, this is a perfect time to prepare for the upcoming school year and study for the big tests like the SAT and ACT. Yet, I know that studying itself can be a bore. Instead, why don’t you consider reading some books? It’s a great way to keep your brain thinking while reading about great plots and entertaining new possibilities.

In particular, look for books that stretch your intellectual possibilities. While Harry Potter books are entertaining, consider other books including the classics. Colleges are interested in well-rounded students, and part of that is being well versed with multiple ideologies. Besides, you may be able to use one of those books as inspiration for writing an essay later on in your college career!

Here is a link to what a college admissions counselor advised for a summer reading list. Take a look through and see if any of them would be something you might be interested in. Or even ask your Excel Test Prep tutors for recommendations.

Remember, as fun as the summer may be, don’t let you brain lose the knowledge from the previous school year. Keep it busy and you’ll be ready for what comes the next school year!

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