Published Monday, March 18, 2019 by Tifinie

  Practice a variety of math problems to keep your math skills at their best.  This week, fine-tune your geometry skills by working on the problems below!   Points A and C lie on a circle with center R.  The circle has a radius of 18 centimeters.  The measure of ∠ARC is 90°.  What is the length, in centimeters, of minor arc AC?  A) 36π B) 26π C) 14π D) 9π E) Cannot be determined   Can you find the total circumference of the circle based on the information given? A) 36π B) 104π C)… Continue Reading


Published Monday, January 7, 2019 by Tifinie

How is geometry treating you? Math is 50% of the SAT, are you prepared?  Practice your math skills regularly to keep them strong and ready for anything.  Exercise your geometry skills with this week’s Math Madness question and stay on top of your math game.   Click on the link below to view this week’s Math Madness problem and put your geometry skills to the test.   Math Madness question Stay posted next Monday for the solution to this geometry problem.       Solution for Math Madness 12/17/18:  D)  $6 per child; $9 per… Continue Reading