Published Tuesday, January 22, 2019 by Tifinie


 “Oooh I think that I found myself a cheerleader, she is always right there when I need her.” These happy lyrics are from a song by OMI and it is always mood lifting to hear.  We all need a cheerleader, someone that will be in our corner cheering us on throughout the day, the week, the year, etc.  Having encouragement can make a day more enjoyable and can alleviate pressure when it’s not going so well.  Sometimes all a rough day needs is a little positivity.  Unfortunately, we don’t all have access to our very own, personal cheerleaders.  Therefore, BE YOUR OWN CHEERLEADER!


Encourage yourself to get through things and to keep trying; remind yourself that you’re doing a good job and that the finish line is just around the corner. When you lose, tell yourself you did your best and that you’ll get it the next time.  When you win, tell yourself how much you deserve it after all your hard work.  It might sound corny, but everyone needs a little cheering on.  Who better to do it than YOU?


You might think that that’s what your friends and family are for. Your friends, however, can’t sit next to you during a stressful test and whisper words of encouragement in your ear; nor can your parents follow you around all day and praise you for making good choices.  Many times in life, you will be the only one that will truly understand the depths you’ve been through and therefore the best judge of your achievements.


At the very least, you should be able to encourage yourself when no one else is around for support. Self-love and encouragement are crucial to personal success.  You have to be able to forgive yourself when you mess up and to push yourself when you need to try harder.  No one is going to care about your goals more than you, so be the biggest supporter of them!






Punctually practicing perfect tongue twisters can help develop superior speech habits. Rapid, repeated pronunciation is proven to strengthen and develop distinguished skills in presentation, which may help you get through a sticky speech or an intellectual interview when your tongue gets tied up on its own.  Have fun with this week’s featured tongue twister!


Cheery chipmunks chomp on chunks of cheese and chocolate challengingly chewing and chuckling charismatically.

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