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There are many things in life that people won’t come outright and teach you, like how to get a good deal on a car or pay your taxes. Some of the most important lessons that you’ll need to learn in life aren’t things that will be taught in a class or told to you on day one of your new job.  You will need to learn to be proactive about your life and take the responsibility on yourself to develop skills you will need to learn as an adult.

If you’re lucky, you might be able to find a mentor that will help teach you some of the things you’re missing out on. However, for most people, these lessons are something that will have to be figured out on their own.  By paying attention to the things that go on around you, and by learning from others, you can pick up on tips that you should store in your back pocket to use at a later time.  Moreover, the important life lessons can change from person-to-person as we all live very different lives and come from different backgrounds with individual goals.  What is important to one person may not be important to the person next to them, which is why it is essential to know yourself and your personal goals.  Then, as you go through life, you can recognize skills and techniques that may be useful to you in achieving your goals in the future.  Eventually, when the time comes for that skill to be useful it will already be safe in your back pocket.

So keep an open mind the next time someone attempts to teach you an arbitrary skill or rambles on about a topic you’re not interested in, you never know when that information will come in handy in your future. Even learning a simple shortcut on the computer, in the kitchen, or through town has the potential to make a rough day in the future a little easier.  Exploring something new can open a door to a part of yourself that you never knew was there.  Keep in mind that you don’t know what you don’t know…




Punctually practicing perfect tongue twisters can help develop superior speech habits. Rapid, repeated pronunciation is proven to strengthen and develop distinguished skills in presentation, which may help you get through a sticky speech or an intellectual interview when your tongue gets tied up on its own.  Have fun with this week’s featured tongue twister!


Good goals are great for growing into grandiose go-getters,

While getting gracious gifts of guidance gastronomically generates growth

And grounded geniuses giggle guiding genial goofballs.

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