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When you are registering for next year’s classes, consider signing up for classes that you wouldn’t normally sign up for.  For example, if you normally take academic classes, then try signing up for a sports team or a drama class.  If you tend to feel strongest in sports, consider taking a music or cooking class.  Learning about the same topics year after year can get redundant and eventually will be uninspiring.  If you take a chance to learn something new, however, it will be challenging and exciting as you feel yourself growing.  You may find out that you are a lot better in that genre than you thought you were.  As a result, you might end up developing those skills even further and develop a career in a field that you never would have considered before.

If you don’t have any opportunities through your school to try something different, then look towards your community for other opportunities.  Most community colleges have classes that are fun and can broaden people’s horizons.  People also offer classes privately through something like a studio.  For example, there are many art studios that will offer a fun painting class on the weekend for random people to sign up for and have a little bit of creativity time.  People also do things like taking a cooking class on weekends, joining a sports league, reading in a book club, working with a theater group, starting their own bands, singing karaoke, starting a blog, starting a vlog, clinking around in a garage… The opportunities are endless.

Avoid putting yourself in a box and thinking that you won’t be good at something or that you can’t be great at something new.  Rarely is someone good at something on their first try, let alone great at it.  Put time into developing what you learn and it will blossom into an amazing part of you.  Expand your boundaries and see how far you can go!





Punctually practicing perfect tongue twisters can help develop superior speech habits. Rapid, repeated pronunciation is proven to strengthen and develop distinguished skills in presentation, which may help you get through a sticky speech or an intellectual interview when your tongue gets tied up on its own.  Have fun with this week’s featured tongue twister!


Willy will fill the silly mill and drill the hilly hill ‘till he’s ill.

Once ill, Willy will still drill the hilly hill ‘till it’s nil.

Then when the hilly hill is dilly-nil, Willy will be chilly and chill

And the silly milly will still be silly like Willy.

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