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When you’re working on finding yourself, as most teenagers and even a lot of adults are, the environment in which you expose yourself to can have disastrous or rewarding effects.  If you are in an unhealthy environment then it is difficult to be your best because of the stress one endures when they are unhappy.  However, when you are in a positive and healthy environment, everything becomes more enjoyable and easier simply because of the positivity you feel.

Consider the people that you spend your time with.  How do they make you feel when you are around them?  Do you feel supported like your friends and family have your back or do they make you feel insecure and doubtful?  Sometimes negative people are unavoidable and you will have to learn to work around them, but for the majority of our lives we get to choose who we surround ourselves with.  During my college orientation, I was given some of the best advice that I still apply to my life today.  The speaker said, “This is going to be a very challenging time in your life, not everyone completes the program.  It would be wise to surround yourself with people that support your goals and dreams.  If you have a friend or someone in your life that is discouraging you or tempting you to make choices that don’t support your goals then don’t waste your time with them.  Instead, surround yourself with people that will encourage you to keep trying to accomplish your goals and to believe in yourself when you feel doubt.  If they don’t care about your goals then chances are, they don’t care about your success either.”

What this speaker said really had an impact on me.  I started being more conscious of how I spent my time and who I spent it with as I began to understand the value my time has.  It suddenly became clear to me how much power the people in my life have to influence my mood and day.  We all have had that experience where we encounter someone and they take a completely beautiful day and stick a dark cloud right in the middle of it.  Something like that can affect the way you view the whole rest of your day and put a wrench in any plans you had.  Not every situation is so dramatic, but the message is to choose your circles wisely.  Be sure to have supportive people behind you more than you allow room for negative ones so that you can continue confidently down your path.  At some point you will have to choose between your path and the people standing in front of it, you decide which is more important.





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Connie cons with a cautious conscience that is consciously conscientious.

A cautious conscience that is consciously conscientious is more conspicuous than a consistent conscience that is unconscious.

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