Create a College Board account

Published Thursday, May 20, 2010 by Dave

It takes three minutes.

Do it now!

Here’s why…

By creating an account at, you can get all  kinds of things to help with the SAT.

You know that big blue book you haven’t looked at yet? With a account you can get answers to all the 10 tests at the back of the book — not just the correct answers but explanations for all the answer choices.

You’ll need to have your blue book on hand. You’ll be asked to turn to a page and answer a secret question in order to set up your account.

Other great things on offer include an online ‘organizer’ for keeping track of colleges, majors, and financial aide information. There are college admissions calendars designed for juniors and seniors. And of course you can register for SATs and SAT Subject Tests. There’s even an official Question of the Day you can sign up to receive. All in all, it’s the best SAT resource on the web.*

(* except for this blog, of course!)

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