Recover Your Bad GPA (for rising Juniors in High School)

Published Saturday, December 4, 2021 by Richard Hong

So you’re a rising junior and you’ve made the mistake of not taking some classes seriously. Maybe there were other circumstances that led to your bad grade. But now you’re ready to be serious and you’re looking to try your best to raise your GPA in time for college admissions.

If this is the case, then you still have time to improve. Colleges are interested in your overall GPA and will look at the trends in your GPA. As such, if you can improve your GPA during your Junior year, you’ll be able to send a message that you’re actively improving your study habits and taking school more seriously. Another thing to consider is that colleges are looking for well-rounded students rather than students who just excel at academics. Look into extracurricular activities and volunteer work. Do something that says that you can function past just studying in a positive way.

Another way to send a better message to colleges is through AP tests for all your AP classes. Here you can show that you can consistently score well on college credit level classes. Scoring well on the SAT will also show that you can do well on a standardized test.

Something else to consider is that your cumulative GPA will affect your class ranking. The majority of people that are doing well with class ranking have been constantly doing well in classes and earned the grades to show so. As such, you must also do well and even better if you wish to rise within the ranks. As you improve, others may not do so well and thus you can improve your ranking.

Overall, you want to send a message that your past bad grades were something you realized was a mistake and that you actively changed it for the better. Talk to your high school counselor and ask them for further advice!



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