What’s a good score on the SAT?

Published Friday, September 6, 2013 by Nicolette

That is a good (and very frequently asked) question! Our answer is simple: Whatever score gets you into the college you want.

It may seem like a cop-out, but it’s the best answer we can give for such a loaded question. The SAT is not a measure of your worth or intelligence. It’s just one part of the complicated decision process admissions officers use to figure out whether or not you’re a good fit for their school. The score you need to get into a particular school may be completely different from the score your friend needs. And, unless you are best friends with the head of admissions, there’s no way to know exactly what that score would be.

A low SAT score can be mitigated by stellar grades or other circumstances, but one thing is for certain: a high SAT score can only help. Choose a goal on the SAT, pay attention in your prep class, and practice regularly with Exam Club to ensure you score as high as you possibly can.

Below is a table of the average SAT scores of applicants for the top 25 colleges as ranked by US News. This information was taken from College Board’s College Search and Compare Colleges. Play around with it to learn more about the colleges you’re interested in.

California Institute of Technology 1510-1600 34-35 
Harvard University 1430-1600 32-35
Yale University 1420-1600 32-35
University of Chicago 1450-1600 31-34
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1460-1590 32-32
Vanderbilt University 1420-1590 31-34
Columbia University 1410-1590 31-34
Princeton University 1400-1590 31-35
Stanford University 1380-1580 32-35
Rice University 1410-1570 30-34
John Hopkins University 1400-1570 31-34
University of Pennsylvania 1380-1570 30-34
Duke University 1380-1570 30-34
Brown University 1370-1570 29-34
Dartmouth College 1350-1560 30-34
Carnegie Mellon University 1380-1550 29-33
Emory University 1290-1540 29-32
UC Berkeley  1270-1540 31-34
Cornell University 1370-1530 30-33
Georgetown 1320-1520 30-34
University of Notre Dame 1350-1500 31-34
University of Southern California 1280-1500 29-33
UC LA 1160-1470 25-31
University of Oregon  980-1200 22-27
Northwestern University 940-1180 31-34
Washington University 930-1170 32-34


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