Gearing up for Junior Year

Published Saturday, December 11, 2021 by Katie

Junior Year is notorious for being the most difficult year in your high school journey. In reality, junior year is not that bad. Sure, you may be taking multiple APs, the SATs are right around the corner, and your parents and teachers are constantly stressing the importance of maintaining your GPA. But, with a couple of tips, you can endure the various challenges that this year poses.   Take a vacation before junior year. Being such dedicated, hardworking students, chances are you have spent your summer doing something academic. To avoid school fatigue (which at… Continue Reading

Reducing Test Anxiety

Published Saturday, December 11, 2021 by Katie

Stress. Everyone faces it, not just anxious high school students. Stress is a natural, but not insurmountable, challenge faced by all. However, by using a few simple techniques, anyone can learn to effectively and efficiently combat stress in all situations. Strategy 1: Tensing and Relaxing. This strategy is developed and explained in depth in Dr. Paul D. Nolting’s instructional text Math Study Skills Workbook, Your Guide to Reducing Test Anxiety and Improving Study Strategies. When using the tensing and relaxing method, first place feet on the floor, making sure you are pressing evenly downwards. Then,… Continue Reading

Movies go nerd!

Published Saturday, December 4, 2021 by Tarang

As a high school student, I assume you must be tired of studying all the time. I bet you’re always waiting for Friday: Jokes aside, check out some new movies which will get you thinking:   Source Code derives its name from text written in computer programming language. While the movie doesn’t explore computer programming language in-depth, hopefully it will be a good influence on your watching experience. The movie allows the viewer to explore ideas of time travel and technology.   The Adjustment Bureau explores concepts of fate, free will, religion, and politics…. Continue Reading