Movies go nerd!

Published Saturday, December 4, 2021 by Tarang

As a high school student, I assume you must be tired of studying all the time. I bet you’re always waiting for Friday:

Jokes aside, check out some new movies which will get you thinking:


Source Code derives its name from text written in computer programming language. While the movie doesn’t explore computer programming language in-depth, hopefully it will be a good influence on your watching experience. The movie allows the viewer to explore ideas of time travel and technology.


The Adjustment Bureau explores concepts of fate, free will, religion, and politics. Get your brain active with thoughts on current political patterns and the intricate thought processes behind reasoning.

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 is an adaptation of the first part of Ayn Rand’s magnum opus novel. It deals with philosophies of Objectivism as well as business ethics in real life.

These are just some of the more recent or upcoming movies to delve into academia. Previous movies that deserve mention are Star Trek (2009), National Treasure, Shrek the Third, Pi, and many others. They range from exploring topics such as physics to mathematical proofs to code-breaking. Almost any good techno-thriller or sci-fi can provide an inkling of scientific truth and will hopefully provide you with enough interest to go find facts on your own. The newest one may be Inception which prompted a recent interest in areas of study such as lucid dreaming and the Penrose steps.

Star Trek (2009)

So, next time you want to relax and watch some movies, make sure to check out some movies that will interest you and get you thinking.

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